New 2022 Toyota Tacoma Nightshade Edition Price

New 2022 Toyota Tacoma Nightshade Edition Price

New 2022 Toyota Tacoma Nightshade Edition Price – People know Toyota Tacoma for various reasons. Tacoma trucks are tough, reliable, and reliable. They also have a fantastic resale value. The best in the whole nation, in fact. Several grade levels, including TRD off-Road and TRD Pro, are equipped with valuable off-roading tools to tackle even the toughest terrain.

Trim level Nightshade is not new for the Toyota fleet. You’ve probably heard about the nightshade Camry, 4Runner, Sienna, Corolla hatchback, and Corolla sedan. Now Toyota introduced the dark version of the popular Tundra, Sequoia, and Tacoma.

New 2022 Toyota Tacoma Nightshade Edition Price

New 2022 Toyota Tacoma Nightshade Edition Price
New 2022 Toyota Tacoma Nightshade Edition Price


2022 Toyota Tacoma Nightshade Model

Based on the unlimited Trim model, this body-on-frame vehicle is all adorned with black skin surface seating, plus many blacked exterior Trim, including a mirror cap and door handle. Grids are treated to a dark chrome finish as well.

Giving the customer a few options, behind or four-wheel drive is on the menu with each of these vehicles, although no performance changes or powertrain has been made.

While previous nightshade Edition models are built on Trim SE, Tacoma, Tundra, and Sequoia all use finer limited trims to get started. From there, all three receive a black leather trim chair inside, and a dark lattice, a black mirror cap, and a black door handle outside. This package is available on two-and four-drive models. However, each model has a unique touch of its own nightshade Edition – though not much.

2022 Toyota Tacoma Nightshade Engine

The Toyota Tacoma Nightshade is powered by a 3.5-liter V6 24-Valve Direct Injection Atkinson Cycle engine that produces 278 horsepower and 265 lb.-ft. torque. It matches a 6-speed electronically-controlled automatic transmission. This new Trim level gives potential buyers the option to select 2WD or 4WD.

When we look at the Tacoma nightshade reaches the end of this summer dealership (it’s all I have to go at this point for the timeframe), it will be based on unlimited Trim levels, but with very unique qualities and features.

The Tacoma nightshade rolls on a dark-finished 18-inch Alloy Wheels. The exhaust ends and the fog-light bezels are blacked and got a new grill insert.

Like its smaller brother, the wheel and exhaust tip of the Tundra nightshade has blackened like burning a wooden furnace after a long and cold winter. In the same way, Sequoia Nightshade has a variety of black components, ranging from lower lattices and skeletons to fog lights around and exterior badges.

2022 Toyota Tacoma Nightshade Interior

2022 Toyota Tacoma Nightshade Interior
2022 Toyota Tacoma Nightshade Interior


2022 Toyota Tacoma Nightshade Colors

Fortunately, this vehicle is not entirely black. Yes, you can get them all in the Midnight Black Metallic or the colors of the Magnetic Gray metallic paint, but the Tacoma and Tundra are also both available in an extra-cost hue called the Windchill Pearl. Tundra can also be obtained at Super White, while the nightshade Sequoia is offered in an additional color called Blizzard Pearl.

Toyota will offer a nightshade Edition model at Midnight Black Metallic or Magnetic Gray metallic exterior paint. However, Tundra and Tacoma nightshade Editions can also come at Windchill Pearl while Tundra can be ordered at Super White. Sequoia also offers Blizzard Pearl as an additional choice of exterior colors.

This means it will display black leather seats, similar to the one found in the upcoming 2022 Tundra Nightshade. Additionally, some outer black accents create a darkening nightshade vibe.

You can expect 18-inch dark-colored smoke Alloy Wheels, along with a light mist bezels and black exhaust ends, as well as black door handles and black mirror caps.

Three color choices will await people when the Tacoma nightshade reaches dealers across the country. This is the first time Wind Chill Pearl has been available in Toyota Tacoma. Think about 2020 Camry to see this color personally for a few months until the nightshade comes out.

As for production, Toyota plans to build 5,000 nightshade-edition models of both Tacoma and Tundra, but only 2,500 copies of the Sequoia planned.

2022 Toyota Tacoma Nightshade Price

Price is not yet available, but as a point of reference, the MSRP factory for 2022 Tacoma Limited 2WD Double Cab is $38,790 and the 4WD is $41,865. Just a guess, but I saw the nightshade come in a little more than the traditional limited class.

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