2022 Toyota Highlander Review, Redesign, Price

2022 Toyota Highlander Review, Redesign, Price

2022 Toyota Highlander Review, Redesign, Price – The new Toyota Highlander 2022 is a three-line crossover out there. Perhaps you’ve seen it on roads, intersections, entrances, parking lots, shopping malls, real malls, or anywhere with paved surfaces and people?

Family carriers may also be a standard-issue in suburbs and subdivisions across the country along with instant pots and a Nextdoor subscription card. Welcome to the neighborhood, here’s your Costco card.

This year Highlander added an edgier version of XSE which added a bit of Aggro to the edge of the banding – a new bumper, blacked badge, large 20-inch wheels, and stiff suspensions can do that. The Highlander 2022 gets 6.8 for now before safety is a factor in. After that, we expect that number to increase.

2022 Toyota Highlander Review, Redesign, Price

2022 Toyota Highlander Review, Redesign, Price
2022 Toyota Highlander Review, Redesign, Price

What’s new for 2022?

The Highlander was completely redesigned last year, but 2022 saw the addition of the Trim XSE level combining XLE’s existing upgrade appointments with a unique chassis upgrade to achieve a more exciting driving experience. They include rigid, sport-tuned suspensions, back rigid Bar anti-roll and reset steering that should be more responsive.

There’s also a unique style, including a reconstituted grid that’s widowing forward above the expansion of a lower air dam that looks very terrible as it is in the Sienna SE. There is also a rear bumper widened, blacked exterior Trim, a carbon-fiber-display Trim interior, and an exclusive upholstery consisting of black vinyl Softtex with a cloth insert that can be replaced.

2022 Toyota Highlander Models

In addition to the New Highlander XSE, Toyota offers three crossover lines in L, LE, XLE, Unlimited, and Platinum configurations. The Hybrid Highlander, which we recommend, is offered in every Trim except L and XSE. The front-wheel-drive is standard on most models, and all-wheel drive is available on every Trim except Limited and Platinum, where standard.

New Highlander breaks Some older versions of ‘ mild awkwardness. The large Crossover does not hide its size very well, but it cuts the holes more attractive in the wind thanks to the muzzle and rising lines of the body.

Under the veil, most of the Highlanders are the 295-Horsepower V-6 which pushes the 8-speed automatic and front or all four wheels. It’s more entertaining than having the right to be, and the XSE tightens a lot more crossover than the rest of the bunch.

We chose is a Hybrid Highlander, which uses inline-4 and electric motors to provide 35 MPG combined, according to the EPA. It was incredible for seven or eight-passenger vehicles, and it was still as entertaining to drive.

Driveability is not the first reason to buy the Highlander, of course-the the space is. Up to eight can be curled inside the Highlander relatively comfortably, and the first two lines have more than 40 inches of legroom. The third line is most appropriate for small or occasional children, small adults, and the second line can slide forward a few inches depending on the mood.

Behind the third row, the Highlander chastens up to 16 cubic feet of cargo, which extends to more than 84 cubes with the second and third-row folded.

Each Highlander gets automatic emergency braking, Adaptive Cruise Control, active line control and blind-spot monitors.

2022 Toyota Highlander Price

In addition, even basic Highlanders get 18-inch wheels, upholstery fabric, the 8.0-Inch Touchscreen with smartphone compatibility, and seats for up to eight to around $35,000. Top Highlander Crest Platinum is over $50,000 but offers 20-inch wheels, Premium audio, a 12.3-Inch Touchscreen, Leather upholstery, and more. They’re practically executive Limos for a 12-year age.

While the latest RAV4 underwent a revolutionary redesign to reset its look, character, and ability, a much more evolutionary approach was taken with the great brother of Highlander repeating last year. 2022 the Toyota Highlander represents the second year of the current generation, which is conscious of wearing a softer and more organic style, a more friendly cabin, and a better driving experience.

However, the overall concept remains the same. It is a three-line family crossover, and although it grows the only smidgen to receive a little more stuff, it remains one of the smallest options in the segment. The third line is most frequently used in emergencies. Apparently, Highlander customers had no problems with it, which said a lot, because there were many of them and they tended to repeat the buyers of the signage that had been there for 21 years.

Now, if you’re not predicting a larger teenager or an adult needing a third line, then more manageable Highlander sizes, ultra-efficient Hybrid Highlander models, impressive cabin quality, and time-tested reliability and resale value add up to a large family vehicle that will work for a lot of people.

However, it has many impressive competitors, many of which cost the same or less despite offering a wider and comfortable third-row seating. Among them are both new KIA Telluride and Hyundai Palisade Cousins, as well as no-nonsense Honda pilots and Subaru climbing the Haulers family. The new Highlander makes a much more compelling case for itself against them, but we also highly recommend considering them all especially after determining how much space you really need.

Toyota Highlander Design

The Highlander 2022 doesn’t change the way we see the crossovers of the family, but it does not wrap the better body looking around them.

Our score of 6 applies to any 2022 Highlander not called XSE-if judged separately, which may do better. Instead, we provide one point above the flat for a clean and functional interior on the Highlander.

The outside was revised last year and brought forward this year without change. Outside is more athletic than the Dowdier Highlanders from earlier, and the high tail helps the crossover look to be spotted and ready for the spring from the block.

Toyota subbed in the smaller, trapezoidal grid to the Highlander nose in most editions. XSE gets a “predator” — like a lower front Bumper that reaches towards the ground, which is unique to the trim level.

Along the sides of the body, the Highlander puffy arch is slightly contrary to the clearer and upper doors, but on the roof trend, it will decide all inconsistencies.

2022 Toyota Highlander Interior

2022 Toyota Highlander Interior
2022 Toyota Highlander Interior

Inside, Highlander is better off with tiered Dash that makes for good small-item storage, and a crisp interior that controls cants against the driver. A touchscreen 8.0-or 12.3-inch takes center stage in the center of the dash, flanked by solid plastic in a low trim or soft material over trims.

The standard on most trim levels is an 8-inch touchscreen interface, which is mounted high within easy range and sight. We like that this is one of those systems that is easier to use, especially its audio controls, but those looking for a faster and more modern interface can find it behind the time. KIA, Hyundai, and Subaru systems, in particular, are superior.

However, as below shows the video, Limited and Platinum can be equipped with a 10.25-inch unit which is largely similar in terms of basic display and operation but gains functionality by adopting a wide-screen orientation. The Infotainment control feature is identical to those that come standard on Limited, including 11-speaker JBL audio system and integrated navigation (yes, which can still be useful), plus the standard features on each Highlander: Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Amazon ALEXA connectivity, satellite radio, in-car WiFi and Safety Connect emergency services. There are also five standard USB ports (one media, four fills) and an Easy Speak driver system that broadcasts the driver’s voice through the rear speaker.

2022 Toyota Highlander Performance

The newest addition to this year’s lineup is the XSE Highlander which swaps in a rigid suspension, meatier roll Bar, and tightly steering wheel. Not enough to race on Sunday, but enough to be entertained on the way to the football field.

The Highlander 2022 gets 7 for performance, one each for a confident V-6 and a good path of courtesy.

Most Highlanders will be equipped with 3.5 liters of V-6 that make 295 HP and 263 pound-foot torque. It is paired with 8-speed automatic and front-or all-wheel-drive transmissions. This Combo is enough for the power of two tons of self-confident crossover and, when properly equipped, tug up to £5,000 trailers.

Toyota offers two all-wheel-drive systems on the Highlander, both suitable for wet or dry sidewalks and occasional dusty traces. The Highlander L, LE, and XLE get a simple all-wheel-drive system that can transfer up to 50 percent of the power available to the rear of the front wheel slips. Highlander Limited, Platinum, and the new XSE get a more sophisticated system that sends up to 50 percent of its power backward and can shuttle that power from side to side through a mechanical torque vector system that is not only slippery but also very confident.

There’s another all-wheel-drive system available on the Highlander, but it’s attached to the Hybrid Highlander we want. Apart from the driven wheels, the hybrid uses a 2.5-liter inline-4 and the electric motor is fed by a nickel-Metal-hydride hybrid battery. The Combo makes 243 HP and more importantly, up to 35 MPG combined, according to the EPA.

A hybrid Hibrilander is available in front or all-wheel-drive configurations, with the latter using electric motors for rear-wheel strength only – no mechanical connections between the front and rear wheels.

Regardless of how the Highlander pushes himself, he rides and directs very well thanks to his four-wheel independent suspension. Even on a high 20-inch tire, which is the standard on XSE, Limited, and Platinum models, the Highlander absorbs the bumps and stitches of the road well, though 18-inches on L, LE, and XLE are more forgiving. The hybrid version, even more, for giving thanks to their added weights between wheels.

Each Highlander can Twitter Ban, which is something we have not said about the Toyota family of transporters for a long time.

The Highlander is smaller than most of its competitors outside, which makes it a little more manageable for maneuvers and parks. There may be a bigger chance it’s fitting inside your garage. We just spoke a few inches, though, as the Highlander is still a very large vehicle.

Not surprisingly, the small exterior size of the Highlander translates into relatively smaller interior segments. There is only a little less headroom, the taller the teenagers or adults may see in the second row when equipped with a sunroof panorama, and the third line feels much smaller than the competitor.

Even the Honda pilots, which have comparable exterior dimensions, can fit the average-sized adults in the third row. So can also be the bigger Telluride, Palisade and climbing among others. The Highlander line is actually the Backmost child-only zone, and even then, they will be less comfortable and maybe a little claustrophobic back to it.

At least the second line offers a lot of space (a standard bench but you can choose the captain’s seat) and the sliding chair is mounted at a height allowing adults and teenagers to feel comfortable for hours. The comfort is excellent in the front, as well, as the driver seat offers abundant adjustments and easily reaches to the steering wheel and Infotainment controls.

The cargo chamber was expanded with the new model, which can be seen at 2.2 extra cubic feet behind the raised third row. However, compared to the Hyundai Palisade and some other competitors, there is still less space when all seats are raised.

We can see in-depth our 2020 Toyota Highlander luggage Test To see how many items you can fit behind the third line. There are less when they are also lowered, but that is not as much a problem as you are essentially dealing with various levels of great.

2022 Toyota Highlander Exterior

2022 Toyota Highlander Exterior
2022 Toyota Highlander Exterior

2022 Toyota Highlander Safety

Federal examiners have not had a simple yet, but 2022 Highlander has been largely a good safety score so far.

The IIHS says the Highlander is acquired over the “good ” score on all crash tests and is rated standard automatic emergency braking system as “Superior ” in avoiding crashes with cars and pedestrians at 12 and 25 mph.

In addition to automatic emergency braking on each model, Highlander received adaptive cruise control, active line control, Lane-departure alerts. The Highlander LE and higher add a blind-spot monitor, which helps with a large crossover although the outside vision is just good. ADD-ons such as the system surround-view camera and parking sensors are available.

2022 Highlander comes standard with a 3.5-liter V6 that produces 295 horsepower and 263 pound-foot torque. It’s one of the biggest outputs in the segment, and considering the Highlander weighs less than many competitors, expect a strong acceleration.

An automatic front-wheel drive and 8-speed are standard. There are two driving systems of all wheels available: One base that sends power to the rear wheels when extra traction is required, and a more sophisticated system for the Limited and Platinum which can also differ the amount of power between the left and right rear wheels to further enhance traction (A.K.A. Torque vectoring). Fuel economy differs from the Trim and drivetrain levels, but they are all between 20-21 MPG City, 27-29 MPG highway and 23-24 MPG combined. Fuel economy for the new XSE is not available at the time of this writing.

2022 Toyota Highlander Engine

The 2022 Toyota Highlander Hybrid uses a 2.5-liter four-cylinder paired with an electric motor that generates a clean output of 243 HP. Front-wheel drive is standard, but other electric motors can be added to the US rear wheel to provide optional all-wheel drive. No three-line crossover comes close to fuel economy: 35 MPG combined with AWD or 36 MPG with FWD. The amount equates to $550 savings per year according to the EPA when comparing the AWD Highlander V6 with the AWD hybrid.

A more sporty XSE Highlander wedges into a lineup like Mohawk in the Pew church. It features such a bunch but adds the edgier bumper we discussed above. Like last year, Highlander is available in L, LE, XLE, Limited, and Platinum trims. The hybrid limited terrain was available in LE, XLE, Limited, and Platinum trims.

2022 Toyota Highlander Features

The base Highlander L crossover cost over $35,000 and get power features, three-seat lines, upholstered fabric, 18-inch wheels, Adjustable driver seat power, four USB ports, active safety features (discussed above) and an 8.0-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. The All-wheel drive is available for $1,600 more about the Highlander L, LE, and XLE versions. Limited and Platinum Highlanders get their own, trick all-wheel-drive system as standard equipment.

Throwing more money in the Highlander net of comfort that we consider being great, but may not be entirely vital. The Highlander Platinum tempts with luxury-car equipment-and luxury car prices. For more than $50,000, Platinum includes 20-inch wheels, Premium audio, leather upholstery, heated and refrigerated front seats, heated second-row seats, head-up screens, 12.3-inch touchscreen, a heated steering wheel, surround-View camera system, and ambient lighting.

We will be back down to earth with the XLE Highlander (with or without a hybrid) which includes the power liftgate, fog lights, heated front seat, Power moonroof, wrapped leather steering wheel, and Shift key, and 18-inch wheels. For about $41,000, we thought it was the best value.

The new XSE is equipped with XLE but offers 20-inch wheels, Sportier suspensions and a unique steering system, and a bumper.

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