New 2022 Toyota Yaris Cross Specs, Release Date

New 2022 Toyota Yaris Cross Specs, Release Date

New 2022 Toyota Yaris Cross Specs, Release Date – In the U.S., Yaris represented the car manufactured by Toyota alongside Mazda, and in the sedan whose guise was actually a brand version of Mazda2. From 2019, the Yaris also included the hatchback version there, filling the gap Mazda was not present inside.

In Europe, the Yaris (hatchback) is a completely different story, and it’s even more once in the early 2020 Toyota presented a new version of the model, this time tweaked by GAZOO Racing (GR), like Supra.

New 2022 Toyota Yaris Cross Specs, Release Date

New 2022 Toyota Yaris Cross Specs, Release Date
New 2022 Toyota Yaris Cross Specs, Release Date

Toyota already offers C-HR in subcompact space but the car last week revealed the second, slightly smaller Crossover SUV subcompact.

It’s called The Yaris Cross, and it’s set to start selling in Europe in 2022. Unfortunately, The Yaris Cross is not tied to The United States, although local officials have hinted at the second subcompact joining the C-HR here.

The Yaris Cross is not associated with the Mazda 2-based Yaris we get in the state. Instead, it sits on its own Toyota TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) modular platform for subcompact cars, code-named TNGA-B. The same platform supports the Yaris sold overseas and is slightly smaller than the TNGA-C platform which supports C-HR and Corolla.

The handsome Crossover size is 164.5 inches long and 69.5 inches wide, making it about 9 inches shorter than C-HR and 5 inches narrower. The interior space still has to be enough, however, thanks to the generous wheelbase just over 100 inches.

2022 Toyota Yaris Cross Engine

The standard powertrain is a 1.5 liter inline-3 which can be coupled with a hybrid system for the peak output of 114 horsepower. Front-wheel drive is standard for powertrains and all-wheel drives are available for hybrid settings.

Interestingly, there is a chance Lexus, at least in Europe, probably sells its own SUV twins with the Yaris Cross. Lexus ‘ European head Pascal Ruch in 2019 said the Lexus could launch a smaller model than the current subcompact UX. Lexus also hinted just like a vehicle with the concept car LF-SA 2015.

Then in the spring of 2020, Toyota threw another Yaris-badged vehicle into the mix, the cross. It’s also meant solely for the European market (it will likely not make it stateside), this time targeting a small SUV segment that is thriving there.

2022 Toyota Yaris Cross Exterior

Just like the ordinary Yaris, the cross is built on the new GA-B vehicle platform. That means having the same 2,560 mm wheelbase, but that’s where the similarities between the two ends.

The Cross is 240 mm longer than the brother’s hatchback for a total of 4,180 mm (60 mm added to the front overhang and 180 mm backward), is 1,765 mm wide (+ 20 mm) and 1,560 mm high (+ 90 mm). The car climbed much higher than the sibling, 30 mm.

Designed to be strong and minimalist, the emergence of crosses is inspired by hatching, of course, but not at all the same. The front end looks much tamer than the brother, with the lattice much smaller and looks smoother than the bumper and hood make it look more user-friendly.

The side view is a pure crossover, with a special wheel surrounded by special cladding (also found on the front and rear). High above the four doors (GR only has two), there is a contrasting black roof that is specially made paint called Brass Gold.

Part of the cross that looks more like the smaller Yaris is the back, where the same sculpted and prominent line (modified to fit the new dimension) can be seen.

2022 Toyota Yaris Cross Interior

2022 Toyota Yaris Cross Interior
2022 Toyota Yaris Cross Interior

Although it is built on the same wheelbase as the hatchback, the cross has a larger body, and which of course translates into more space for passengers in the interior. Toyota did not release all the figures yet but promised a perfect balance on the back between the passenger room and cargo needs.

The Yaris Cross comes with a power back door and adjustable deck height. The deck can also be divided into two, which means it can be used to benefit either from the under-floor compartment or increase the luggage space.

There is no formal word on the material used for the interior surface at the time of this writing, but we tend to see the same as in the ordinary Yaris.

As with all newer models, Toyota will offer regular hardware connectivity. No specifics have been provided, but there is a big center-Mount Infotainment screen in the middle of the dashboard and a digital instrument cluster in front of the steering wheel.

The HVAC control, located just below the central touch screen (which most likely will be at least Android Auto-Compatible), still uses the knob, but the cockpit is declared digital.

2022 Toyota Yaris Cross Performance

For the time being, The Yaris Cross has served solely as a hybrid crossover. It makes use of the fourth-generation hybrid technology of Japanese caregivers, already used in different configurations on automobiles such as Corolla, C-HR, RAV4, and Camry.

Just like the ordinary Yaris, the cross utilizes a Hybrid 1.5-liter three-cylinder petrol engine combined has been rated at 116 HP.

The cross is offered both as a front-wheel drive and a wheel drive-all. The fuel consumption rating for Cross on the previous configuration has been measured at 120 g/km under WLTP, while for the last this figure is 135g/km.

2022 Toyota Yaris Cross Safety

The GA-B vehicle platform of the Yaris Cross built on has been specially designed to accommodate subcompact cars with transverse and front engine-or all-wheel drive, so the SUV is perfectly suited to it. It also gives the vehicle stiffness and balance as desired.

The Yaris Cross is packed with whole ranks of safety and Toyota driver assistance systems regularly use, packaged in a suite that calls Sense Safety Sense. It allows the driver to be in a circle with everything going on around the car through an early warning, and gives them a helping hand when necessary from automatic braking and steering intervention.

The Yaris Cross will not be in the market until the beginning of the month 2021, and will be selling mostly in Europe – it will also be assembled there, in France, along with the ordinary Yaris.

Toyota is already a major player on the continent and has SUV in most classes available. The Yaris Cross allows to enter the B segment, and there is no wrong plan that has carmaker for the model: 150,000 of those planned to be produced each year, accounting for 8 percent of the market.

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