Next-Gen 2025 Toyota Tacoma: Will It Be Full EV?

2025 Toyota Tacoma

Toyota is expected to offer a wider variety of Tacoma than ever before, with the turbocharged I-4, hybridized V-6, and even electric Tacoma all available for 2025.

With an all-new cabin, and an ultra-sharp powertrain, the stylish Tacoma is currently the segment sales leader in the increasingly hot midsize pickup market.

2025 Toyota Tacoma
2025 Toyota Tacoma

2025 Toyota Tacoma Powertrain

The new TNGA-F platform, Toyota’s innovative modular global body-on-frame architecture, is the engine that propels the development of the new Tacoma.

Shared not only with the 2022 Tundra but also with the new Lexus LX, global Land Cruiser, Hilux, and next-generation 4Runner, the new platform enables a dizzying array of powertrain, body styling, and suspension options.

Regarding the 2025 Toyota Tacoma, we anticipate that Toyota will provide a version of the 2.4-liter turbocharged inline-four engine found in the Lexus NX350 as the base engine and potentially a detuned version of the 3.4-liter twin-turbo hybrid engine found in the Tundra.

Both rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive will be offered as drivetrain options. The transmission options will most likely include a six-speed manual and a 10-speed automatic.

In addition, we anticipate an electric Tacoma, as suggested by Toyota’s Electric Truck concept. We expect the Tacoma EV to come standard with dual-motor all-wheel drive, although we know little about it.

Despite the wide variety of available powertrains, all Tacomas were required to replace their leaf-spring rear suspension with coil springs that were more road-friendly.

Both extended-cab and crew-cab models with short and long beds are likely for conventionally powered Tacomas. At the same time, EVs will likely only come in popular crew-cab and short-bed configurations.

2025 Toyota Tacoma Interior

We are still determining what the inside of the new Tacoma will look like. However, just as the exterior is expected to draw inspiration from the more extensive Tundra, so is the interior.

It showed rigid stylistic elements, more excellent materials, and modern features.

The truck is expected to continue to be offered with an extended and crew cab and short and long-bed options. We hope the rear seats in the new truck are roomier than the current crew cab’s narrow accommodation.

In the infotainment section, Tacoma 2025 is expected to move towards a larger, more contemporary setting.

That likely means the current 8.0-inch touchscreen will be replaced by something more extensive, maybe even a 14.0-inch touchscreen inside the new Tundra.

Along with some new features, we expect the new Tacoma infotainment center to continue to include Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Wi-Fi hotspots.

2025 Toyota Tacoma Interior
2025 Toyota Tacoma Interior

2025 Toyota Tacoma Price

Toyota has yet to say what the 2025 Tacoma will cost or what trim levels it will offer. We expect a slight increase in price from the current version, which starts at around $28,000.

The lineup should also reflect the exit generation, from entry-level SR trim to the popular TRD Sport and Off-Road models to the off-road-ready high-end TRD Pro.

Is Toyota planning a Tacoma redesign?

Toyota is rumored to be preparing a complete makeover of the Tacoma for the 2024 or 2025 model year, following a significant redesign of the Tundra full-size pickup.

The Toyota Tacoma is the most popular midsize truck in the United States, outselling Ford Ranger, Chevrolet Colorado, and GMC Canyon.

Are Toyota trucks superior to Ford models?

Ford is the leader in terms of truck capabilities. As configured, our Tundra had a maximum payload capacity of 1,740 pounds and a maximum towing capacity of 11,120 pounds.

The Ford featured a payload capacity of 2,100 pounds and a towing capacity of 13,900 pounds when equipped with the Max Trailering package.

Who is Toyota’s most significant rival?

Honda, Chrysler, Ford Motor Company, Volkswagen, and Chevrolet are competitors of Toyota. In terms of CEO Score Comparably, Toyota ranks first among its competitors.

What is Toyota’s best-selling vehicle?

The most popular Toyota models include the Tacoma, Corolla, Highlander, Camry, and RAV4.

Two automobiles, two sport utility vehicles, and a pickup ranked well on Toyota’s list of best-selling cars and the comprehensive list of vehicles sold in North America in 2022.

Are Hondas more durable than Toyotas?

Additionally, Toyota vehicles consistently outlast Honda ones. According to statistics derived from consumer reports, Toyota is the second most trustworthy automaker behind Mazda, while Corolla is the most reliable vehicle. Honda did not crack the top ten in terms of average reliability.

Will Toyota reintroduce the V8?

They will not return to the v8. It is outdated technology. While it’s highly improbable that Toyota will bring back the V8, I’ve noticed that many current Tundra owners prefer the hybrid.

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