2025 Toyota GR Corolla: The Cool Hot Hatch of The Future

2025 Toyota GR Corolla

Regarding hot hatchbacks, the Toyota GR Corolla of 2025 will revolutionize everything. The perfect balance of speed, good looks, and reasonable price have made this vehicle a hit with consumers.

This article will discuss the GR Corolla’s unique selling points and why it should be on every car enthusiast’s shortlist.

2025 Toyota GR Corolla

2025 Toyota GR Corolla
2025 Toyota GR Corolla


The 2025 Toyota GR Corolla is propelled by a potent 1.6-liter three-cylinder turbocharged engine, capable of generating an outstanding 300 horsepower.

The GR Corolla is the only vehicle in North America to feature this engine. The GR Corolla is an exciting car since it comes standard with a six-speed manual transmission.

The GR Corolla is equipped with Toyota’s GR-Four all-wheel-drive technology to improve handling and performance further.

The GR Corolla’s ability to split torque helps it accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 4.7 seconds and complete the quarter mile in 13.3 seconds, making it a formidable rival to the Volkswagen Golf R and Honda Civic Type R.

Fuel Economy

The 2025 GR Corolla has a potent engine yet achieves decent gas mileage. Drivers may experience the excitement of a high-performance vehicle without sacrificing too much at the gas station thanks to EPA estimations of 21 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the interstate.

Design and Features

The 2025 GR Corolla’s muscular styling and sporty appeal distinguish it from other versions. Although the inside is less flashy than some of its competitors, it provides adequate room for the driver and passengers.

The limited-edition Morizo model is tailored toward the track, with features like lighter forged wheels and an engine tuning that results in 295 pound-feet of torque. Those who wish to take their GR Corolla racing to the next level will find this model ideal.


The GR Corolla continues Toyota’s tradition of producing dependable automobiles. These vehicles can easily reach or even beyond 300,000 miles with regular servicing.

This makes the GR Corolla an excellent option for people in the market for a reliable car that won’t break the bank.


The 2025 Toyota GR Corolla is an incredibly fun and reasonably priced hot hatch. It’s a car that every serious driver should consider buying because of its potent engine, torque-splitting all-wheel-drive system, and abrasive design.

The GR Corolla may fall short of the mark compared to other Toyota sedans in interior styling and fuel economy, but it makes up for this shortcoming in terms of performance and fun behind the wheel.

2025 Toyota GR Corolla Price

The GR Corolla is expected to launch in 2024 as a 2025 model in three specifications: the $35,900 Core, the $42,900 Circuit Edition, and the $49,900 Morizo Edition. The latter is a rare breed, with Toyota only building 200 numbered units.

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