2025 Toyota GR 4Runner Looks Small Like Sequoia

2025 Toyota GR 4Runner

The Toyota 4Runner is very popular and has been around for almost a decade.

Despite its incredible capabilities and complete package, the Toyota 4Runner has begun to show its lifespan in the face of new competition, most notably the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Ford Explorer.

2025 Toyota GR 4Runner

2025 Toyota GR 4Runner
2025 Toyota GR 4Runner

The virtual automotive artist behind the Digimods DESIGN channel on YouTube did the odd task of unveiling the new GR 4Runner CGI model.

In this rendering, we’re not only dealing with an unofficial depiction of the sixth-generation Toyota 4Runner but also getting the first digital GR 4Runner.

And it’s an aggressive SUV that mimics the atmosphere of the Sequoia; even if you look closely, you will see that it is the DNA of the Tundra, carrying an angry face and wrapping everything in a diamond-shaped back that is nothing. Its relationship with Toyota’s current design language.

If you want something huge, you’ll need to grab the 2023 Tundra or Sequoia available with the i-Force MAX or wait a little longer for the newly launched 2024 Grand Highlander three-row eight-seater crossover SUV.

There are also sporty options like the 2023 GR Corolla hot hatchback, the tiny and elegant two-door GR86, and the posher GR Supra.

On reflection, the United States gets almost all the major GR models from Toyota Gazoo Racing, except the GR Yaris.

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