New 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross Concept

2023 Toyota Corolla Cross

2023 Toyota Corolla Cross – Corolla crossover concept is at least three decades old, and almost four decades old if you can understand some semantics.

in 1983, Toyota introduced the Tercel to Australians; a -front-drive-platform-based vehicle with slightly higher riding height, part-time all-wheel drive, and harder-looking station wagon bodies aimed at their quest for lifestyle accessories as much as basic transportation.

2023 Toyota Corolla Cross

2023 Toyota Corolla Cross
2023 Toyota Corolla Cross

Although not based on the Corolla chassis (the Tercel platform was the size between the Corolla and the Starlet at the time), the Tercel was the same size when compared to the AE71 Corolla station wagon.

The Tercel is higher thanks to its tall roof layout and slightly wider track width but is within 30mm of the Corolla wheelbase (the Tercel actually has a longer distance between the axles).

The overall length tells the next story, and the Tercel as a whole is 135mm shorter than the Corolla wagon.

But what gives Tercel its mojo – and it’s similar to what would define the Corolla Cross – is the ride height and slightly higher ground clearance, and the all-wheel-drive offers.

The 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross seems poised to face mini-SUVs in a fierce American crossover sales war. Toyota said it will be sold in Thailand for the first time when it debuts in the summer of 2020 and will be launched later in other markets.

We think it’s destined for North America. The Corolla Cross will fit into the Toyota SUV lineup between the smaller C-HR and the larger RAV4, which puts it among categories familiar to rivals such as the Kia Seltos, Jeep Compass, and Nissan Rogue Sport.

It’s hard to say what would power the North American version of the Corolla Cross. In Thailand, SUVs can be obtained with optional hybrid powertrains, but our version can offer that as standard as Toyota switches to a more hybrid-focused business model as evidenced by the all-new Sienna and Venza.

Despite using the familiar Corolla name, the Cross is certainly not a variation of the current production Corolla sedan or hatchback; It will be a new model for the Toyota brand when it arrives at the American showroom. The new SUV is unlikely to appear before the 2022 model year but could debut by the end of 2021.

The Corolla Cross is expected to be front-drive or all-wheel drive if you choose a hybrid version (as with the newly released Yaris Crosslight SUV), the Tercel gives buyers all-wheel drive as standard (in Australia, at least in Australia, at least).

Like the Yaris Cross system, it is a part-time system, the difference being that the Yaris Cross automatically selects all-wheel drive when needed, while the Tercel driver has to pull the second gear lever to activate all-wheel drive.

But even though it’s old school in that regard, Tercel doesn’t have a two-speed transfer case for that super-low off-road ratio.

Instead, Toyota installed it with a five-speed manual with super-low first gear (with a total of six forward ratios) that is only available when all-wheel drive is selected.

On the road, Tercel’s power and torque slightly limit its capabilities and will struggle to keep up with modern traffic and require a lot of input from the driver through gear shifting.

But in terms of laying the groundwork for crossover vehicles like the upcoming Corolla Cross, the Tercel is the best.

It was also the father of all-wheel drive, this time the Pukka Corolla-based car, which can both claim to have affected the entire modern compact SUV scene.

2023 Toyota Corolla Cross Interior

2023 Toyota Corolla Cross Interior
2023 Toyota Corolla Cross Interior

We haven’t had time to sit inside the Corolla Cross, but the exterior dimensions are larger than the C-HR and Corolla hatchback models, which will help with passenger and cargo space. From the photos, we can see a dashboard wrapped in faux leather, ambient interior lighting, and what looks like a partial digital measuring screen.

This section seems to be shared with Corolla; Interior design seems to have been influenced by the C-HR. We’re not sure what features will be standard or optional, but we look forward to receiving more information from Toyota about the Corolla Cross soon.

From the Dashboard Corolla Cross appears a square infotainment view flanked by shortcut keys. The same settings are used in some current Toyota models, which offer 7.0 and 8.0-inch screens.

The Corolla Cross will likely use Toyota’s current version of the infotainment interface, which is not very modern but quite easy to operate. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are likely to be standard but navigation on JBL dashboards and stereo systems will definitely be optional additions.

Toyota Corolla Cross Engine

It is not yet known what powertrain the Corolla Cross will offer in the United States, but in Thailand, the subcompact SUV offers a 1.8-liter 138 hp four-cylinder engine combined with a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT) and front-wheel drive.

It sounds familiar, it’s because the same tuning is offered in corolla sedans and C-HR SUVs. The Corolla Cross likely also offers an optional hybrid powertrain on the global market, which adds two electric motors to it. It’s possible that Toyota could make a standard hybrid powertrain gear when the Corolla Crossheads to North America—and if so, that means the all-wheel drive will be a possibility.

Fuel Economy

The EPA has not released a fuel economy rating for the Corolla Cross and we likely won’t know what the estimated figures are until near the SUV sales date.

When we get the chance to test drive the Corolla Cross, we’ll do a 75 mpg fuel economy test on the highway and update this story with the results. For more information on the Corolla Cross’s fuel economy, visit the EPA website.

2023 Toyota Corolla Cross Release Date and Price

There is currently no information on the price and release date, but we speculate on the latest price ranging from $24,000-$29,000 (est).

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